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Friday, November 18, 2005

Seth Godin and the pickle bar

Yesterday we had the distinct opportunity to host a Move Ahead 1 marketing seminar that featured Seth Godin as the special guest speaker, along with our own Larry Bailin as the keynote, at the Holiday Inn in Edison, New Jersey. If you are not one of the lucky 300 plus people to attend, let me say that you missed an extraordinary morning of networking, exhibits from businesses in the tri-state area, and of course, our speakers.

The Holiday Inn is a pleasant hotel with a fine staff. They treated us well through all of the events that we held there this year. While most people know the brand name, or maybe have passed by the hotel on the way to Raritan Center, many more in the area recall, "Oh, is that the one that Harold's is in?" Yes, Harold's New York Deli; famous in the central New Jersey area and well beyond for it's ginormous sandwiches that no one person can eat alone - they actually provide extra bread - exceptional rye or pumpernickel - to create new sandwiches out of the single one you ordered. What's also notable about Harold's: it is the only restaurant I know that has a pickle bar. Not a salad bar - a pickle bar.

Godin noted this in his talk yesterday, and even provided a picture. Harold's has found a way to stand out from the large amount of competition in this heavily populated and trafficked area of central New Jersey. They serve incredibly sized sandwiches, as well as enormous ├ęclairs, napoleons and other pastries. Instead of a salad bar, they have pickles and other salad-like features. Certainly, you can go somewhere else and have great pickles and a terrific corned beef or pastrami sandwich, but you won't necessarily spend a week telling people about it or consider it a place to go when you're in the area and entertaining guests. It's all good food...Harold's makes it better by making it different.

Here's what I wish Harold's would do different: put some photos of their creations on their website! Granted, they have an excellent word of mouth campaign going. But when I'm looking online, show me what makes you extraordinary. Show me why your small corned beef sandwich is worth $13.50.

Many struggle to define their unique value or selling competition. Here is a situation where there is one, yet it's only visible when you walk through the doors.

Show value in a way your competitor cannot - everywhere and anywhere. Make it known that you can serve customers in a way they cannot. Don't hide your unique value proposition, flaunt it!


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