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Friday, November 04, 2005

Follow up on Blogging your way into the market

In an earlier post we talked about experimenting with the power of blogging and it's reach. While the Single Throw Internet Marketing Insights blog is relatively new to the marketing world, we have found that the blog itself has already found it's way onto the search engine databases such as Google. That's great news, especially having achieved this in a short amount of time. But it's nothing new...blogs have made an impact on the search engines since their launch.

What is interesting is how working with related content and a blog with far more reach, such as Godin's blog, (one of his many blogs actually) we did find an impressive increase in traffic and to our core target, the Godin event details page on the Move Ahead 1 website, as well as an increase in conversions.

Our goal was to spread the word to the perfect target, Godin fans. What other way than to ask Godin himself for a mention. That mention linked to the Move Ahead 1 page. In combination with the mentions and links in this blog, we were able to put a targeted message in front of the right viewers.

Part two comes with watching the propagation through search engines so we can reach these same viewers at their time of need: when they are searching for an Internet marketing seminar or Godin live event. With this, we test the powers of an organic program and the potential of increased speed in reaching this space using linking and blogs. So keep an eye out for the results.

Coming this weekend: The Google update! Stay tuned for information and comments. There's a ton of news out there already, but the new "Jagger" roll out won't happen this weekend, according to Matt Cutts. Til then...