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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Seth Godin - offline and in person

Let's start off by letting you in on a great event that's coming up in November...

Seth Godin, marketing guru for the rest of us will be making a rare public appearance at the next Move Ahead 1 marketing seminar, which will also feature a keynote from Single Throw's CEO Larry Bailin.

Godin (for those 3 of you in the world that don't know him) is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. He was the founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industry's leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo! acquired in late 1998. He often speaks at private corporate events for companies like Disney, Universal, Merck, WalMart, Eddie Bauer, Revlon, Merrill Lynch, American Express, Ford, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, and Sun Microsystems. (Not too shabby!)

The author of six books that have been bestsellers around the world, has changed the way people think about marketing and business. His first book, Permission Marketing, was an Top 100 bestseller for a year, a Fortune Best Business Book and was on the Business Week bestseller list for four months. It also appeared on the New York Times business book bestseller list. Just out, All Marketers are Liars has already made the Amazon Top 100 and has inspired its own blog.

He's a great writer and accomplished (to say the least) entrepreneur with a seemingly unending string of totally out-of-the-box ideas. If you are near the central New Jersey area, be sure to sign-up. Visit for more information.