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Friday, October 28, 2005

Media Panic and's a good thing!

An article on Reuters Thursday reported on how big media was "panicking" at the IAB conference over the "seismic shifts brought on by the Internet." So here we are, November, 2005 and they are panicking now? They didn't notice there was a great deal of change taking place, primarily brought on by the advent of the Internet?

WPP Chief Executive Martin Sorrell was quoted as saying, "There are major changes and we don't understand the speed and scale at which they're taking place." Let me remind you that this was a quote from yesterday, November 27, 2005.

For marketers, this "panic" over change is a good thing. It means that the Internet has FINALLY gained the credibility with big media who always felt that it was not a serious marketing medium, nor a threat to their survival. Too many years with their heads in the sand has put many of them behind and scrambling to soak up anything Internet! That means more opportunities for us, as the media moguls push to be the ones to offer the next big thing. That means more change and innovation is likely ahead.

Single Throw's COO Larry Bailin, discusses the topic of CHANGE in many of his seminars and public speaking events. The world of business has changed and we, as marketers, need to not only adapt, but look ahead and take advantage every step of the way.

Seth Godin, the proclaimed "Agent of Change," talks about talks about this in almost everything he publishes. His book, "Survival is not Enough" tackles this topic of Change from top to bottom.

Just getting by is not enough. As a business in the year 2005, we need to find ways to grow, not simply just stay alive. A competitor is waiting just around the corner. And with the Internet, that corner can be around the world or a quarter mile away. Physical distance is no longer an issue. We need to find ways to not only compete, but to innovate and differentiate, to create a virtual distance between our business and that of our competitors.

So it's time for big media to stop panicking and find new ways to grow or face the inevitable: extinction. And it's time for business at large, to do the same.

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