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Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogging your way into the market

The power of blogging is being tested today with one of the best bloggers out there. Here's the story...

We are working with Move Ahead 1 to market an event featuring speaker Seth Godin. For those of you that are saying "Seth who?..." I say "time to wake up." To be in any form of business that requires sales or marketing (please name one that doesn't) you SHOULD know the name. Click here to see Godin's books on Amazon then come back and finish reading this story...

He's also produced several e-books and uses his blog to distribute ideas to the world. Faithful followers, like me, have a hard enough time reading all he has to say...Imagine what it takes to get the ideas out there in an intelligible manner?

"Blogs to distribute ideas"...there's the hook. So I said to myself, "Self," you always have to say that, "let's distribute information about the event via blogs. Godin himself would certainly approve of the concept." Then I thought further..."what better way to get the ball rolling but to ask Godin himself to participate. And lo and behold, here's a link to the mention on Godin's main blog.

So for you fans of Godin, here's an active test in progress. Link to this blog or better yet, link to Seth's.