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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Interesting emails

An interesting article appeared in MediaPost today, which seemed to me to be one of those that you say "duhhhh" to. Unfortunately, that's not the case for most email advertisers and publishers - and unfortunately, we see it in other forms of marketing as well.

The author, Melinda Krueger, provides an interesting spin on the basics. She cites the problem as that most companies just don't "get it" and want to deliver the message they want the customer to get. Well you might say, "it's my advertising, of course I want to tell them what I want." Sorry, that's just wrong.

Marketing exists for the message recipients. They are the ones we are trying to get through to; why not give them what they want. It's a good business model. I'd rather sell people something they's an easier sell.

It's what we say everyday at Single Throw: Find out what the target customer wants and needs, then connect with them at their level, in their language and you are more likely to see success. Understand their needs and provide them with a solution.

And read the article. It's a good one.