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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Google, Jagger, The SEO Beast of Burden

Weekly shared insights and opinions from Caryl Felicetta, Single Throw COO

The SEO Beast of Burden
The Google "Jagger" update goes live...

This weekend, without the widespread media buzz - outside of the SEO and Internet marketing community that is - Google let its new update loose on a few of their data centers.

Now is when people on the "inside" of SEO marketing sigh with relief as they see that staying on the "legal" side of things paid off and they see no real loss of results. Meanwhile those on the other side of the fence are sweating. They now have to live with the burden of once again knowing that shady tactics may cost them business - both their own, and that of their clients.

Google promises that this update will help to improve listings and add more spam filtering. We'll see. So far we're seeing a lot of redundant listings, but overall nothing earth-shattering.

Once the update opens up to other data centers, we'll be able to see more of the effects. Until that time, it's a lot of supposition and after years of Google updates, we've learned letting the initial chaos blow over is the best bet.

Have a great week...