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Monday, November 28, 2005

Cyber Monday - Tell me why you don't like Mondays?

A few tips for online stores and how you can resurrect your sales numbers before the holiday shopping season is over!

As an online store, this should be your day to shine. Yet sales might be slower than you hoped, that last direct mail campaign isn't drawing the responses you expected and your placement in search engines could be better. So what can you do to save the rest of the much anticipated holiday season? Here are few quick ideas...

Direct mail used to be the de facto option however you are relying on delivery in time for the big month of shopping rush, as well as standing out amongst the massive mail clutter. So try more direct alternative: email. Tap your current customer list. They are already comfortable with your company and more likely to shop than someone new. Email an offer to them: a promotion such as free shipping or 10% off their sale. Limit the time frame to instill a bit of urgency. "This offer ends on Wednesday, so act NOW! Click here to start shopping!"

How about customer referrals? Offer current customer an incentive to refer a friend. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best lead generators out there. A happy customer is likely to spread the word, so give them incentive to do so.

So how do you reach new customers the way direct mail might? Get 'em when they are looking and have need: in the search engines! While it may be too late for an organic campaign, a PPC campaign can be started right away producing immediate results. A caution though: you are paying for each and every click, so spend wisely. Choose highly targeted and relevant phrases, not generic phrases like "gifts" - be specific to what you sell, such as "holiday gift baskets." Ensure that each of these PPC ads land on that specific page and not simply on the home page.

Do you have some unique items to offer? Get them mentioned on one of the many shopping recommendation sites out there. A link from a site that is highly trafficked can make a world of difference. Consider checking out the popular comparison shopping sites such as Froogle, and Shopzilla, or contacting one of the many great shopping blogs such as Mighty Goods or Shopping Blog and get them to plug your great products.

Have a prosperous Cyber holiday season!