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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh wow, I forgot all about that!

We hear that a lot lately. At work. At home. On TV. It's all in our heads...all this "forgotten stuff." There's a lot to remember on a daily basis, both in our regular lives and our work lives. It's stressful, isn't it?

So how do we combat it? From a business perspective, there's a TON to absorb, process and regurgitate on a daily basis. When we are completing an Internet marketing program for our clients, each member of our team has a hit list of questions they need answered. It's an organized process of steps that we do not stray from.

That sounds great in a process situation, but what happens when someone throws a brick through the window (figuratively speaking, that is)? What happens when you need to adapt to a new set of requirements? We have to regroup and retrain ourselves and resort back to the one item we all have: our brain! That means we have to resort to absorb, process and recall to get the job done.

Since the advent of the personal computer, we've all become more reliant on these advanced systems to help keep track of what we need to do. In doing so, we tend to forget even more since our brain is a muscle and needs to experience fitness activities, just like what we pay to maintain our bodies at Bally's and other similar venues.

Memory training and brain teasers will help you to retain and recall more. You will forget less and make your job - and life - easier.

So bottomline: stop going out of your mind! Train your brain! Here's some recommended reading and events to help you on the way to remembering more, making your job and life better!

The Brain . . . Use It or Lose It, an article found on New Horizons For Learning
Brainbashers: Brain Teasers and Puzzles
Memory Training with Guinness World Record Holder Ron White (an event being held in New Jersey February 23rd)

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