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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Internet IS a marketing tool!

We say it everyday to our clients: your customer is the new generation of young individuals who actually USE the Internet for EVERYTHING. Seth Godin presented an excellent example of a young man from Oklahoma named Jeff Clark who found a better way to present his capabilities to those companies looking to hire some marketing talent.

Has this been done before? Sure. Why is this better? Jeff got a link in a blog from one of the best marketing guys in the business. His message just got put out in front of some of the best hiring opportunities out there. And he got a link here too.

Today's customers are not likely to use the Internet in the same way that tomorrow's will. Think of your use of the cell phone, then look at a 20 year old and how they use it. Totally different. To me, it's easier just to pick up a phone and call rather than send a text message. They can bang out a message to their friends without hardly looking at the phone.

Consider not only your current customer base, but also that of the one you are looking to attract down the road. You have a whole generation of customers and lifetime value ahead of you. Make sure you are ready for it!

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