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Friday, March 03, 2006

Webisodes, Intermercials...It's all Internet Marketing!

TV is becoming more of a promotional tool for the Internet than any of us ever imagined. While industry pundits tout the Internet as the death of TV, smart marketers are taking advantage of our widespread usage of the medium. Instead of fighting it, they're joining in.

We've already talked about how Pontiac was looking for a little "cred" with it's "Google Us" spots running in primetime. While being in Google does not really indicate anything about the quality of the car, it certainly appears to be an implied endorsement. And it's an opportunity to get people to the site and sell them some more.

Certainly marketers are looking to promote their products, but they are doing it in a way they know they can provide "more." More means instead of limiting their message to 30 or 60 seconds, they can now take even more of your time, and certainly offer you something in return. Plus lot's of measurement of click-throughs.

Take Dove's new Calming Night webisodes. Sure, webisodes, you remember those short movies that BMW and American Express offered viewers in the recent past. Seinfeld fans and fast car enthusiasts could watch short movies featuring the products and people they love. Big movie names and we're sure the budgets to match (Felicity Huffman and Penny Marshall for Dove, Barry Levinson for the Seinfeld Amex spots, and a host of popular directors for the BMW spots). But what does that do for either the viewer or the product? Branding, baby. Pure, measurable, honest-to-goodness- we-got-you-now branding. And now that you're at our site, watch more...sign up for more...and more...

Is it the introduction of the Intermercial? Part commercial, part Internet, and lot's of bang for the buck - because we know that if you click to the site, there's interest. And if you have interest, we can give you a taste, and once we give you a taste...we've sold you!

The Internet is not limiting our opportunity to market products and opened the world completely to reveal that all of the mediums can peacefully - and successfully - coexist to form a platform for us to spread the word.

Think of how you can use the marketing mediums to offer "more" to your imminent buyers. It doesn't mean you have to hire Penny Marshall to produce your message. It does mean you have to figure out how to serve your customers' and prospects' needs and desires better. If there's the slightest bit of interest or need, there's an opportunity. Don't miss that opportunity.

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