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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Value of Fresh Ground Peanut Butter and Internet Marketing

Most people think Internet Marketing is all about showing up in search engines. And when it comes to search engines it's always "Google, Google, Google!" What most don't realize is that there is a bigger picture beyond showing up and getting clicked.

Sometimes showing up is half the battle, however the other "real half" is what happens after the click. A click that turns into a customer or sale is the real goal here. That "after the click" process needs to be well thought through - and that's a task that should be undertaken prior to launching any Internet Marketing effort.

Certainly you are saying, "Well, I want them to buy or call us." Of course you do, but how easy have you made it for them? Have you started a PPC program with phrases that seem to be exactly what you sell and what you would expect your customers to search for, yet these clicks aren't turning to sales? Are you simply taking these searchers - imminent buyers - and dumping them on your home page and expecting them to find it themselves? Don't be too embarrassed if you are...most companies do this. And most companies will waste a lot of their marketing budget early on because of this.

By establishing clear paths to connection, you are essentially the online version of that excellent sales person - so rarely found in brick and mortars these days - and helping that customer find exactly what they need without hassle and fuss.

Example: go to a Whole Foods Market and ask one of their staff to help you find fresh ground peanut butter (or something else...your choice here). That person, whether it's their department or not, will take you (yes, walk with you) right over to the fresh ground peanut butter. And they're nice about it! Amazing...Not only did they know where it was, but they nicely escorted me there. My typical experiences have been with other stores where a disinterested employee, without looking at me, will simply mumble, "try aisle 4."

Does your website simply leave customers with navigation, letting for them to fend for themselves...virtual aisles with signs extending well overhead that may not help them find exactly what they need? Wouldn't be simpler to just take them to exactly what they need?

By clarifying these processes, you are not only helping to improve your click-through budget, you are now getting a better understanding of your online sales process and making improvements to increase sales.

The Internet provides us with incredible feedback in an instant. Use that information to take your Internet Marketing efforts to new levels and improve sales and communication. Think past the search engines and rank. Think about the sales process and the paths to communication. Think Whole Foods and fresh ground peanut butter.

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  • At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Adam said…

    This is great and isn't talked about too much. You can COMPLETELY increase a companies RIO, not just with achieving great rankings, but by going threw and looking at the sales process.

    Test and tracking should be your best friend. Always try different tactics to entice the user to go further in the sales process.

    Keep up the good blogging!


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