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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pay Per Click Fraud Causing Concern

Google is once again making news - and this time is not all good - with their click fraud settlement for a reported $90 million.

While the search engines maintain that they are controlling fraudulent click problems, research is indicating that is not always the case. Late last year, a study found that the instance of click fraud in Google's pay-per-click search engine might be as high as 29.5%.

Yet it's a powerful advertising tool, often the single search engine presence that many companies have. All the more reason to ensure that you are not relying solely on one means to achieve a presence in front of searchers. Pay per click results, shown as the highlighted "Sponsored Results" in search engines, are still clicked on less that the "organic" or "natural" results, or those that are indexed and ranked for relevance by search engines. Reports put that at organic results receiving an average of 75% more clicks.

So then why is PPC so popular? First, it has little to do with popularity or relevance. While PPC companies have guideline for submission, finding the right targets means Downtown Hardware can now compete on the same playing field as Home Depot. Second, PPC properties make it sound easy. Downtown Hardware can do it themselves. Sure, 10 years ago they could also purchase a Mac and Quark and create their own ads, provided they could come up with attractive visuals, a winning headline, and great marketing copy.

Bottom line, no matter how easy it looks, it isn't. Nothing comes without a price. You may be able to "wing it" for a while and achieve results far better than doing nothing. However it is still an investment in the growth of your company. Treat it as such.

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