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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You don't sell online? Of course you do!

Jupiter Research released a study at the end of February that noted how nearly half of those that "shop online" ultimately will make their purchase at a physical store, rather than online. That's been the trend for some time now. People like to be able to browse at their leisure and compare prices, but immediate gratification can only be had by going to the local Best Buy and putting it in your car. Overnight delivery sometimes just isn't fast enough - and it'll cost you!

What's most intriguing about this study is the fact that 62% of online shoppers start their quest in standard search engines, such as Google, and not comparative shopping engines, such as Froogle. Why is this intriguing? It tells us that even when search engines try to make it easier and can provide more specific information, 3 out of 5 people will still use what they are most comfortable with. They have come to know - and trust - search results from Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the others. Froogle, Yahoo! Shopping, DealTime and others have not gained that credibility factor yet.

Often clients will say to me, "We don't sell our products online." Ah, but yes you do! Most "shopping" is done well before the sale. People need to go through the phases of research before they can make the final purchase decision. These phases are being completed online. And research is showing that search engines are the leading factor in making that decision.

Search engine marketing is a powerful way to help influence a buying decision. If you are not providing information to your clients to help them make that decision, or they cannot even find you during the research process, they will find your competitor. Don't miss this important phase of the sale!

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