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Friday, March 17, 2006

11% growth? I'll take it!

"Search" has been one of the largest business growth segments we have seen in some time. Even in what was considered a downsized economy, search thrived. Winners emerged, like Google, and we, as business people emerged victorious as we found a new outlet to reach our customers.

ComScore recently released a study noting that the growth of search has slowed to 11% from a whopping 42% when comparing January 2006 to 5005 respectively.

The 42% "surge" of 2005 makes 11% look shabby. It's not. Our economy has seen various surges like this, especially in the area of new mediums such as the Internet. 11% is a very good growth rate. What this tells us that search is a real business. It is starting to find a level of stability in our current communication system. The "fad" of search is disappearing, making it as commonplace as the Internet has become.

Looking back to the post-Civil War era, the American economy saw similar inventions change the world economy and communication as we know it. Electricity, telephones, even typewriters. They were all once "gee whiz" inventions that were found only in the richest of homes. Now we don't even think about them - we just use them. Just how we've stopped thinking about computers, the Internet and even search.

Growth surges for "real" businesses don't last forever. It was an enjoyable - and profitable - ride. Now we need to stop treating it like the "next big thing" and start using it for the value it provides.

See ComScore's PDF of the data release here.

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